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Take Care Of Your Armpits!

Erika SchultzComment
Take Care Of Your Armpits!

Yes, we are going to talk about armpits. Mainly, what you are using so you don't smell during the day. DEODORANT! Everyone uses deodorant, at least I hope so. No shame if you don't. But, are you taking a look at what ingredients are being used to make it? There are a few ingredients you should watch out for when buying your deodorant.  


A lot of the time this chemical is used as a preservative but, it is also one of the most harmful ingredients for your body.  They mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen which can interfere with your estrogen activity. Not to mention parabens have been found in certain forms of breast cancer.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum compounds are supposed to block the sweat glands. And the problem with aluminum is it has serious health risks. And this absorbs right into the skin. If you use Dove, for example, you'll see that the first ingredient is an aluminum. Using a deodorant with it can cause build up and if it's long-term build up it leads to cell mutation.

3. Phthalates

These are a plasticizing chemical used in beauty products because of their ability to dissolve other ingredients. You will find this chemical usually listed as a fragrance. Once absorbed in the body they conflict with your hormonal function. Phthalates are a probable human carcinogen in many skin care products. So be sure to read your labels. 


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 I used this deodorant from Aurelia Skincare the other day and I was totally amazed by the smell and how clean it kept me all day. By the way, I think this is my husband's favorite one. Yes, I have been making him slowly switch all his products. Anyways, it's their Botanical Cream Deodorant which has probiotics, key botanicals, and essential oils. It is a cream to powder consistency that is invisible once applied to the skin. It's made with Shea butter to gently hydrate, tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This is great for all skin types!


Another deodorant I have been using is from Schmidt's (here). They offer a wide variety of scents that smell great but also everyone can use. This deodorant helps absorb water and neutralize odor naturally. xoxo