Sister Yoga

Namaste! Today we have a special guest that on the blog and it's  my sister-in-law, she's pretty darn amazing. Follow her at organically composed where she shares recipes for anything raw or vegan! :) I asked Ashley if she wanted to do a yoga post with because I believe incorporating yoga into your workout regime is essential. Ashley has been practicing every day, and her strength and flexibility has increased incredibly from the fist couple times of doing it. I thought she was the perfect person to do this with because she has made me want to practice more, just by seeing the progress she's made inspired me to get back at it.

I use the yoga studio app on my Ipad since I can take it anywhere! Yoga has so many benefits such as balance, flexibility, and stress. I use to do yoga back in San Diego every day after a workout and found it so useful since I wouldn't feel as tight in certain areas. Plus, I love the way I feel afterwards, completely relax and at peace.