I want to share something Josh got a while back in San Diego when visiting my parents. It's my favorite piece that Josh purchased for our guy and it's the Ralph Lauren one-piece (similar) to bring him home in. I thought it was so sweet he wanted to pick out his first outfit. The look on his face when he was showing me was amazing. I know he's very exciting to meet our boy! Yay!

Now, last week Josh and I went to Babies R Us and bought our muscle man a few outfits and essentials like a bunch of onesies. We've slowly been getting things here and there. We don't want to get too much clothing right now because he might be a big boy. Like 8lbs! Just the thought of that is scary but exciting. And I don't know if he would be able to fit into too many newborn sizes. I

f you're wondering about the Batman onesie that was all my husband:) haha. I call Josh, Batman because he's always busy and accomplishes so much. Plus I think he has night-like capabilities as well. So he wanted to put our boy in the outfit. "Just like daddy", Josh said. 

If you want me to do a must have for new moms and babies leave a comment below! xoxo