Erika's Smoothie Bowl Heaven

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a few weeks since my last post! I keep telling myself that I will get to it but it seems it never happens. I know this is a bit of an excuse, but when my little man takes a nap (which he’s down to one a day) I have to take care of my house with cleaning, laundry, and other things. Hmm like eating! That seems to be one of the best times for me to be creative with food and get a meal in. Otherwise, watch out! Hudson is on the loose!

This weekend we are doing a family dinner and I was put in charge of making dessert! There are so many great recipes out there and ones I have stored up. Be on the look out to what I’m making on my Instagram. And if you like it I will be writing the recipe for you all. Every morning I have been making some kind of smoothie bowl. Whether it’s a banana nice cream, berry or green smoothie version. I need to branch out and make some other delicious variations instead of playing it safe with the same. I’ll work on that. Here are a few bowls that I’ve made this past week, I hope you get inspired! Get a coconut bowl just like mine here.

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