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My Day On A Plate.

Erika SchultzComment
My Day On A Plate.

Since I’m a busy mom and have a few projects in the works I have to make sure my diet stays on track. I am a foodie and enjoy recreating recipes, that way it sticks to my lifestyle of eating. On the weekends I tend to be a little more relaxed with what I eat, especially since I have a sweet tooth. My secret that I do to keep my sweet tooth under control is, I make my deserts vegan, gluten-free, and/ or raw sometimes. 

It is possible to make healthy choices that can fit into your busy lifestyle, without creating stress. I will be coming out with an e-cookbook soon so make sure you keep with me. It’s going to teach you how to implement and create healthy everyday eating into your life. Crave out some time to on the weekend preferably Sunday to make a few breakfast, lunch meals, and snacks ready to grab-and-go. Trust me it’ll be easier to stay on track with making nutritious choices during the weekday. And once you’ve found what works for you, give yourself a little indulgence on the weekend. Don’t over do it though because it’ll be hard to get back at it starting Monday. 

5am: I wake up and start my training right away. Mornings work the best for me because I like to get it done and over with. I feel more energetic starting the day like I’ve been recharged. 

630am: I make myself a green smoothie like my “Glowing Green Smoothie” so my insides are packed with nourishing foods to keep me satisfied. Especially when I never know how busy I will be with my little boy. 

9am: This is usually when I have a coconut milk latte. I need my coffee buzz and the coconut milk is an added benefit. But, sometimes when I feel myself a little more hungry than usual, I eat Purely Elizabeth granola with fresh berries and almond milk. 

1230pm: Lunch time is one of my favorites because I love having a nutrient dense salad. I make my salads with leafy greens, any veggies that sound good, quinoa for protein and carbs, and sometimes I like to add fruit so sweeten it up. And when I need some added protein i’ll add chickpeas, lentils, or black beans.

3pm: Around this time I usually make some kind of tea that aids in digestive support. This will help keep my stomach from feeling bloated and calm any discomfort I may have. Even when I I feel that my digestive system is fine, tea has great benefits for that mid-day crash. 

630pm: Dinner time! This is one of my favorite meals to make besides breakfast. Usually, for dinner, I try to make a dish that uses legumes, quinoa or brown rice, and veggies. When I do make dinner I usually make more than enough because it’s easy leftovers. Then I don’t have to make something new every day. This is great for those of you who are busy! Yesterday I made this quinoa bowl with kale, chickpeas, chopped bell pepper, and an avocado cilantro dressing on top.

730-8pm: Now I think this is the time most of us look forward to but feel guilty when we have something sweet. My trick to satisfy my sweet tooth is making dessert healthy. I usually make banana nice cream. One dessert that I make is a raw berry tart. Oh, my! it’s so refreshing and filling you only need a sliver and it’s healthy! No feeling guilty here!

If you want any of these recipes, leave me a comment!