Why You Should Drink Coconut Water

Why You Should Drink Coconut Water

If you’re anything like me you try to make sure you’re drinking enough water. No one likes the feeling of being dehydrated. But sometimes you get tired of drinking the same old plain water. Trust me I don’t blame you. This is why you should start drinking coconut water. Give it a try for a week and you’ll be thanking yourself after you see how it’s benefiting your body. I’ll tell you when and why I use it after workouts and what drinking coconut water for a week can do for you.

Every time I’m done with a workout I always have coconut water either in a smoothie or alone. Two of my favorite brands are Vita and Zico coconut water. It gives you electrolytes to help you maintain fluid balance in your body. Instead of drinking those sports drinks that have tons of artificial sugar this gives you natural sugars your body needs. Plus coconut water gives you about the same amount of potassium as a banana which is necessary for rehydration. This will help in regulating your blood sugar, skeletal muscles, and aids in muscle cramps.

You’ll Lose Weight 

If you are considering drinking coconut water for a week you might notice yourself losing a few extra pounds. Since coconut water is low in fat it can be consumed in large amounts and your appetite will be reduced. It makes you feel fuller due to all the rich nutrients your body will start to consume.

Your Digestive System Will Improve

As many of us have digestion problems coconut water can help with some relief. It gives your body an excellent amount of fiber which is perfect for hitting that daily amount we need to get. I can promise you when you drink coconut water for a week you’ll feel more regular and less bloated. And if any of you have acid reflex issues coconut water will reduce it!

You’ll Have More Radiant Skin

Consuming even a cup of coconut water gives your skin a boost of hydration which you need for radiant looking skin. If you’re not hydrated properly then your skin suffers. By drinking coconut water daily you’ll see noticeable differences in your complexion. It moisturizes the skin from within when ingested orally which can eliminate considerable amounts of oils. 

You’ll Have More Energy And Feel Better Internally

Coconut eater is a natural diuretic which is helpful for those of you who have kidney problems. It eliminates toxins from the body and cleanses the urinary tract and even your bladder channels. Now coconut water is extremely helpful for those of you who have thyroid issues like a lot of my family members have. Coconut water enhances the thyroid gland hormones, that give you an energy boost at a cellular level. 

So try drinking coconut water for a week and you’ll find yourself feeling more energetic and healthy!! When you try it out tell me how you feel after. xoxo