Adventures in Europe

(It was really windy)

Hey everyone! I know I promised I would get this post up this past weekend but things had me caught up. Sorry about that... Two weeks ago Josh and I went on vacation to London and Paris. The trip was incredible! We went to England to stay with his Aunt and Uncle whom are some of the most gracious and fun people I have ever met. The rolling hills of the countryside were one of my favorite parts of this vacation. I loved the peace and quiet from the city of London it's self. There is such beauty when you drive through the countryside. Our first official day in England his aunt and uncle took us to Oxford. I couldn't wait... When I was in high school I thought about going to school out there but that didn't happen. Oxford was more than I could ever imagine. The architecture of the buildings took my breath away. The cobble stone pathways, the stone buildings, and all the history were overwhelming (in a good way, of course). While we were there we went into The Museum of Scientific Instruments, it was fascinating to see tools used in science from the 1800's and 1900's. In the museum I was looking at cameras, surgeon tools, and then I happen to pass this chalkboard. The chalkboard was an original piece from Albert Einstein! It was from one of his only lectures he taught from Oxford. I pointed it out to Josh and being the wonderful history man he is, he thought it was pretty awesome. If there were an opportunity to visit London more often I would jump at that chance every time.

When we arrived in Paris, Josh could tell I was getting very excited. He knows I love fashion so of course this was the place to be. Our first day was so much fun because we met up with a couple (close friends) from Syracuse and spent the whole day hanging out with them. Not many people get to say they are meeting friends in Paris. I was thrilled! Paris definitely did not disappoint either. Every building we walked by was breathtaking. They were are so different from one another and the detailing was impeccable. We did do some tourist things like go to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Palace of Versailles. I mean you almost have to see the major attractions otherwise when people ask how it was you might get a shocking reaction. Now, I had one place on my mind that I wanted to visit. It was Chanel on Rue Cambon 31, which is the original Chanel store. If you have seen photos of Coco Chanel sitting on top of stairs this is the place. And I got my picture taken on the stairs!:) Going to Chanel was one of the highlights in Paris. I was a very happy girl after. The last day Josh and I just went walking around everywhere just to explore new places to eat and shop. By the end of the trip I was completely exhausted and was looking forward to getting back to England. I think Josh has given me the travel bug. Can't wait until we start planning for our next adventure. xoxo