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29 week update

Erika SchultzComment

Hi, everyone! I've gotten questions about how my pregnancy is going so here's a little update. 

I am a little over 29 weeks pregnant now and I feel pretty great. After Josh and I got back from Thailand I was sick for about a week just because of all the traveling that it took to get back. 56 hours!!! Naturally I was exhausted. Now that I am into the third trimester we are down to the last couple months to meet our muscle man.

Being petite and pregnant does get to me after a while when it comes to walking around or standing for a lengthy time. My back always seems to get achy and in much need of a rub. The other thing about being in the third trimester is I feel more tired...That may be due to my active boy kicking and moving around all night. So some nights it's hard to get any quality sleep. Now I'm sure many of my mommies and soon-to-be moms know this already but you have to use the restroom so much. I mean most days I have to go almost five minutes after I just went. People weren't kidding when they said you don't have any control over your bladder. 

When it comes to how much I eat I haven't seen an increase in my appetite at all. I'm trying to stay healthy with all my meals but I'm not strict on what to eat. If a donut sounds good on a Sunday morning I'm not going to deprive myself. I'm definitely going to enjoy eating a few cheat meals a little more often right now. If I had to say I had a craving for anything it would be fruit. Not what you were expecting me to say? Anyone that has ask me is surprised when I say fruit or nothing really. Maybe I'm lucky since I don't send Josh out in the middle of the night to get ice cream or something weird. 

Josh and I are looking forward to meeting our baby boy and we cannot wait to see our family and friends when we get back to Syracuse as well. xoxo