Winter Days

Well hello friends! I know I need to get better at keeping up with posting and letting you all into my life. I have no excuses on why you haven't heard from me. Simply distracted or being a lazy bum some days:) As of now I'm back and ready to kick this year off right. Reflecting on 2014 there has been amazing memories I will always cherish. Marriage, vacations, and spending the holidays with my wonderful new family. 2014 was a year of going through some hardships and becoming a family with Josh. It was seriously a year I will never forget. There have been some questions as to what I will be focusing this blog about and it will contain everything I love doing. So we can call this a lifestyle blog.

A couple weeks ago I asked Josh if we could go on a walk together and take some photos, which he was totally up for doing. Even though it was freezing outside, upstate New York has some of the most beautiful places for walking. And the fresh air did us some good. This was one of the very first spots Josh took me to when I moved out here, the canal. You should see it in the summer with all the greenery just gorgeous. It was nice to remember this quiet area. We had some fun playing in the snow as well. I had to walk slow because of my shoes that I was wearing. If you ever have the chance to plan a trip Syracuse should make it on that list. It's the best when it's warmer obviously. There is so much to do outside and quaint places like the canal to step area from the bigger cities and step into nature. xoxo