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Hey Everyone! Today I want to share with you the new living room and coffee area in our home. I am very excited that it finally looks like an inviting space. Last year Josh and I lived in a very small apartment which was nice for where our lives were at during that season. Now we have an amazing loft style right in downtown Syracuse. It's going to take us some time to have every room complete but being patient makes it all worth it. I wanted our living room to be cozy and a place where conversation in the focal point instead of a T.V. This is my favorite spot in the house because when you sit down your entire body relaxes.

Our furniture came from Interior Define (I've gotten a bunch of questions about that). They were such a pleasure to work with when customizing our couch and chairs. They sent us swatches and different woods for the legs. I like being hands on when it comes to design so I was in heaven. Every lamp that you see came from Pottery Barn and let me tell you I did my research for months before I decided on lamps. Now you don't need to spend much money on the little knick knacks, we went to Hobby Lobby and even reused some of our decorations from our wedding.

Here comes the coffee area!!!! This little nook is like our showpiece in the house. We love a good cup of coffee any time of the day and this is what we've created. I got Josh this Chemex last year for Christmas and he was in love. If you're ever at our house you will never get drip coffee only pour-over. If you've never experienced a pour-over coffee it's a must! I hope you all enjoy our decorating as there will be more to come very soon... xoxo