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Hey everyone!

So recently I just watched Julie & Julia and I absolutely loved the movie. I am a huge fan of cooking. It's something that I enjoy and love creating food that's healthy for Josh and I. So after watching the movie it gave the idea to also go through some cookbooks where I find best suit my vegan lifestyle. Although Josh isn't vegan he loves everything I cook. I've decided to share my recipe experience through the Moosewood Restaurant book. The Moosewood is a mainly a vegetarian restaurant located in Ithaca, NY. If you have ever visited upstate New York you know the beauty and how local is everything up here. I'm not here to tell you what is in all the recipes but share my experience with the cookbook. This can be what I enjoyed, my substitutions, and the difficulties I came across with certain recipes. To kick start this journey I made spiced nuts! Sounds delicious right!? I thought so. It's a great snack for around the house. This didn't take much time at all. Josh loved these right away. Great as an appetizer as well. The recipe say to use pure maple syrup but I switched it to Agave. Make sure to keep an eye on these bad boys when they are in the oven because you need to stir them every couple minutes. Once cooled put them in a container or bowl and you'll be ready to go. xoxo