Academic Support Program
This program is an opportunity for all students to review and strengthen language arts skills that are being taught during English and math classes. 
The remediation program is also designed to assist students on upcoming regular assessments that are given during the school academic year.
The program does not focus on homework or classwork completion but on actual areas of need, where certified teachers facilitate a lesson each session. Students will be offered instructional help in Reading and Writing skills mainly. 

Students of the math support program are offered intervention instructional help in mathematics to consolidate mastery and development of
numeracy skills and algorithm.
Candidate students meet with their teachers on the scheduled days of the week in small group settings during school hours. Academic support may also take place through differentiated worksheets designed to meet specific needs of learners during regular classroom sessions or
differentiated homework tasks. 

Biweekly follow-up reports are prepared and analyzed. Parents/ guardians are informed and educated on the merits and the progress of the program.